Sunday, July 12, 2015

Delusional Politicians, Delusional Wives, Delusional Trans

What in the fuck is this world coming to?

Does "Jazz" really want an honest answer to his questions?

Of course he's screwed up, and it is entirely because of his homophobic, greedy family who sees a financial killing to be made by exploiting him. First a godawful book, and now a television show.

Exploiting children is wrong.

Forcing children to undergo quack surgery and hormone treatments is not only wrong but should be illegal as human rights abuse.

Parents who force children into "transgenderism" should be tried for child abuse.

It really is that black-and-white, folks. This is virtually identical to what Howard Dully (and many others) went through with a forced lobotomy all of those years ago.

There should be an organized protest against "Jazz's" new reality show and against Bruce Jenner's I Am Cait. It is not acceptable to promote this garbage.

Along those delusional lines, only somebody totally off in the head "thinks" straight men "prefer" men in dresses to women. Gays and lesbians don't find them attractive, either.

It is just sick.

The world is just batshit crazy.

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