Thursday, July 23, 2015

Despicable To Shit All Over Dead Public Figures

With all due respect, this author is completely full of shit. How "courageous" to come up with the story now that Judy Lewis, Clark Gable, and Loretta Young are dead. I am astounded people believe anything about dead public figures not realizing that nobody can sue on their behalf. These so-called family members are trying to make a buck off of something where the principals are not around to defend themselves. Disgusting.

EVERYBODY knew Gable and Young had an affair during the making of 1935's Call of the Wild, which I have written about on this blog. It is truly despicable that a son and daughter-in-law, or I should say it is almost all the daughter-in-law rather than the son, would come up with this bullshit decades after Gable is dead and can't defend himself and after Young and Lewis are dead also. Young should have disinherited both of them.

Most likely Young, a devout Catholic, felt shame over what she did, and she was known to pursue married men like Gable and Spencer Tracy. That of course isn't judging her, but it is a leap in logic to say Young was ever raped by Gable or anybody else. She was pretty damned independent, and I never could see any man trying to dictate her life other than on her terms.

The daughter-in-law is like B.D. Hyman and a few other showbiz relatives who seek to capitalize on their dead relatives and never mind truth. The current popular subject is Cosby and rape, and what better way to keep your name in the headlines and make up a story that your mother-in-law also was raped and by the "King of Hollywood," no less.

Some commenters pointed out numerous errors in the story, and the author and Young's daughter-in-law sheepishly acknowledged them and made the corrections. However, if as an author you are that careless with relatively minor details, what makes anybody think you aren't equally reckless with the big ones?

Call me skeptical.

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