Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Don't You Love a Mud Fight?

I should be paying more attention to the 2016 presidential race if I weren't so cynical anymore. I probably will post a lot more about the campaign as time goes by, but I just feel whoever gets in the White House will be beholden to the same neoliberal/billionaire/Wall Street interests who are raping this country economically.

Perhaps it is because I am getting older and am less and less tolerant of bullshit.

Anyway, the Hair Apparent, aka Donald Trump, is still making an ass of himself, but somehow he is ahead of his opponents in the polls of GOP candidates. He will flame out, of course, because of his big mouth.

If he knocked Jeb Bush out of the way, I would be happy as hell because Bush is the only one I can see of the GOP who can steal the election for the party. It is my belief the Republicans really don't want the White House; they would have to make good on all of the bullshit they have spewed to their supporters for decades if all three branches of government were GOP. They don't have anybody else who could beat Hillary Clinton, who I still believe, despite some real or fabricated recent controversies, will be elected president. Bush is a crook, and he is not beyond thievery.

Getting back to Trump. Fellow candidate Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina was being critical of Trump over Trump's remarks about John McCain, and Trump turned around and gave out Graham's phone number publicly. Trump is a loose cannon, to say the least:

The reason? A feud between the two White House hopefuls that’s been kicked into a higher gear.

Speaking at a rally Tuesday in Graham’s home state of South Carolina, Trump began criticizing Graham, calling him a “lightweight” and an “idiot.” Trump hurled the insults after Graham on Monday called Trump a “jackass” and said Trump’s recent comments about Sen. John McCain not being a war hero were the beginning of the end of the billionaire’s candidacy.

Trump later read out the phone number and said “Give it a shot.”

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