Thursday, July 02, 2015

From the Gutter and Into the Shithole

Nevada schools have always been underfunded because of residents' lack of desire to raise taxes, but politicians like Governor Brian Sandoval and his ALEC-like backers are taking education on a whole new plane, crashing it into a shithole and destroying kids and public education there.

The charter schools, which have existed since the late 1990s, are total shit. Now, of course, Sandoval, ignoring all of the case law all over the country that says giving vouchers to religious schools, which most private schools are, is unconstitutional, is giving $5,000 handouts to rich parents. Or rather, the schools, which will jack up the tuition even more to keep the "riff-raff" like second-language learners and special education students out.

However, I fully expect lawsuits to be filed over this.

The end game in Nevada is pretty simple, pretty clear, and pretty close: the voucher program marks the end of any semblance of commitment to public education and the beginning of a completely privatized system of schools for Nevada. It will not be good for Nevada, it will not be good for students, it will not be good for Nevada's taxpayers, and it will not fulfill any of its promises. It will make a few edupreneurs wealthy. For everyone else, the benefits of the voucher system will remain a mirage.

Think New Orleans on a massive scale.

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