Thursday, July 02, 2015

If It Bleeds, It Leads

I well remember former journalist Lynne Russell, who worked for many years for CNN. She was a very capable news anchor. I also knew she had an extensive background in firearms and law enforcement.

However, this is quite a story. Her husband, former journalist Chuck de Caro, is expected to survive his injuries.

You can't make this stuff up:

Lynne Russell told reporters on Wednesday that her husband, Chuck de Caro, decided to stop at a Motel 6 on Albuquerque’s western edge because they were tired after a long day of travelling during a cross-country road trip. When she went out to the car to get something and returned to the room, a man was at the door with a handgun.

“He pushed me into the room and that’s when my husband came out of the shower and saw what was happening,” Russell told Albuquerque station KOB-TV. “We tried to calm him, confuse him and do everything we could do to just come out of it in one piece.”

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