Saturday, July 11, 2015

It Indeed Is a Hell of a Note

when you have to read right-leaning periodicals to get even an honest take on the cancer of transgenderism.

Sad indeed:

That may be true enough given today’s ideological climate and intensive language- and thought-policing, but there is something to be said for the radfems’ emperor’s-new-clothes view of the middle-aged male-to-female transitioners who now dominate the transgender scene. It does seem odd that someone who lived two-thirds of her life as a man is now lauded as America’s highest-paid female CEO, or that people who weren’t born female gripe on the Internet about “male privilege.” It seems equally odd that a board co-chairman of a leading gay and lesbian rights organization is someone whose life experiences and even sexual orientation resemble those of neither gays nor lesbians. It’s hard not to wonder whether such stereotypically male traits as aggression, competitiveness, and libido dominandi haven’t played a role in late-in-life transitioners’ thrust to the forefront of feminist and LGBT ranks​—​and in their scorched-earth pushback against anyone who criticizes them.

It's part of their damned delusion.

Lengthy article is worthwhile reading.

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