Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lousy Stuff For a Day When I Feel Utterly Lousy

Of course, "Jazz," boys won't have you because you are a male. It's gonna get worse unless you refrain from having yourself surgically and chemically butchered. You don't even remotely LOOK female now.

Blackballing of teachers happens all of the time, and the system of public education has ways to weed out the supposed undesirables.

Another idiot daredevil went splat when he tempted fate:

A US base jumper and wingsuit flyer has died after parachute cords got tangled around his legs 2,500m above a river in Turkey.
Ian Flanders, 37, plunged to his death over the Karasu River on Tuesday.

The video can be viewed here. Which of course is downright sick for anybody to post.

Bob Tur needs to keep his big mouth shut.

Doesn't this idiot have a lawyer?

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