Friday, July 24, 2015

Merkley and Congress Need To Think the Implications Through

It all sounds okay at first glance, but there are a lot of problems when you have a movement of men in drag infringing on the rights of over half of the human race, women.

Take a look at some cases where biological men who claim to "identify" as women--an impossibility, by the way--have invaded women's sports and beat them simply because they can't cut it in the men''s division. Take a look at the attempt by these men--the vast majority of whom have NOT had bottom surgery--are trying to force themselves into women's bathrooms, which were designed for privacy and to minimize sexual assault and harassment by males. If trans are allowed to crash into women's bathrooms, there is NO way to protect women from the perverts--and there are a lot of men with sexual fetishes and perversions. All they have to do is dress in drag to get in. Other men who claim to "identify" as a stereotyped female are crashing all-women's colleges, forcing them to be co-educational in all but name. Transgenderism is really and truly sexist filth of the worst kind. A woman, a female human, is NOT a social construct but biological reality. It isn't something that is in somebody's head. We should not be pandering to mental illness and sexual fetishes while at the same time trashing the rights of more than half of the human race, women. Merkley has NOT thought the implications through at all. LGBs, okay, no problem, but the "Ts" are a major problem because their reactionary movement clearly infringes on the rights of women. You cannot be pro-woman and be pro-trans. It is impossible because transgenderism is sexism. Protecting trans is going to s*** all over Title VII and Title IX and spell the end of women's rights in this country.

There is no way trans should be allowed to compete with women in women's sports--I am not referring to the tiny numbers of so-called intersex with physical conditions--because men have heavier bone structure, have greater muscle mass, and so on down the line than women. Hormones and bottom surgery do not change this reality at all. By giving trans protections, Congress would be abolishing women's sports for all intents and purposes and allow cheating by men on a wide scale. I have railed against the trans movement for decades pointing out how utterly pernicious it is. It is also anti-LGB, since the surgeries were originally designed to "cure" gay men of homosexuality. The surgeries are basically conversion therapy of the most blatant sort. I do not want to see quack science and quack medicine be codified into federal law.

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