Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pathetic, But That Is Typical of How Substitutes Are Treated

in school districts all over the country. Nevada doesn't require substitutes to have a four-year degree as in Oregon, only two years of college.

Considering substitute pools are traditionally used as hiring pools for regular teaching jobs, any increase is good, but I made about that much for a half-day gig in Oregon as the WCSD subs will be making this coming school year.

For years, the starting salary for Washoe substitutes has been $82 per day. All nearby school districts pay more, from $90 in Carson City School District to $115 in California's Tahoe Truckee Unified School District.

To become more competitive, Washoe district officials will increase substitutes' starting salary to $90 per day when classes start Aug. 10, which is still shy of the $96 average in surrounding districts.

"We're still not the highest paying, but that's OK. We're competitive," said Ellison, emphasizing that the district doesn't have to offer the highest salary because most substitutes live here in the Reno area.

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