Thursday, July 16, 2015

Really, What Else Do You Expect From the AFT?

The American Federation of Teachers has long been a sellout of teacher interests ever since a non-teacher and outright mole, Randi Weingarten, became its president. Non-teachers should not be allowed to head teachers' unions, especially those who are really working for the other side.

Why should anybody be surprised over the organization's rushed endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president?

The decision couldn’t be more wrongheaded, and it’s one that members should demand the union executive council rescind. We should propose instead a decision reached by a very different process: a referendum of members that follows and is informed by debate in union outlets.

Every local should be charged by the executive council with providing space and place for members to air their opinions. The national union should encourage use of its magazine and website for this debate. In this discussion the leadership will have the opportunity to persuade members that endorsing Clinton is the wisest choice, but it will be obligated to carry out the will of the membership as expressed in the referendum.

What is most destructive in the AFT’s endorsement of Clinton is that it has disempowered members at precisely the moment when we most need revitalized teachers unions to save a system of education that is being destroyed as a public good by powerful elites and the politicians they control.

Dr. Weiner knows what she is talking about.

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