Thursday, July 09, 2015

The Cosby Show

Bill Cosby is going the way of Robert Blake and Claudine Longet in that he is becoming a complete and total pariah. He is obviously guilty of committing crimes, like the other two, yet like them he is still walking around leading a more or less normal life. Things might be changing for him, however. His talent agency has decided to pull the plug on him.

I haven't compared him to O.J. Simpson because Cosby as yet has not been convicted of a crime. O.J. didn't get convicted of a double homicide, but most of us felt that at least some justice was done when he was stupid enough to get himself charged, tried, and convicted of armed robbery about seven years ago.

It does get better, however. The woman with whom Cosby settled the civil action, Andrea Constand, has taken him to court again and now wants ALL of the depositions and other documents open to the public because she feels that Cosby and his legal team breached the terms of the "confidential" settlement. She also wants to be able to talk publicly about the case by removing the "gag order" and make the settlement terms public.


The confidentiality agreement “includes not only Ms. Constand’s allegations but also the allegations made by the so called Jane Doe witnesses,” the new filing says. It also notes that 13 women came forward at the time and “claimed to have been assaulted in a manner similar to the assault perpetrated upon the plaintiff, that is, each claimed that Cosby gave them a drug and then had sexual contact with them while they were unable to respond.”

Wednesday’s motion goes on to state, “Although the women were known as the Jane Does,’ Cosby successfully petitioned the Court to permit their names to be made public.”

Constand, a former Temple University employee, is seeking to void the confidentiality agreement because she has “come to the realization that she once again must defend herself in the forum chosen by the defendant.”

I strongly suspect all of the information surrounding the suit will be available for public consumption.

In related news, a petition to have the White House revoke Cosby's Medal of Freedom award is here.

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