Friday, July 17, 2015

The Emperor's New Clothes, Version 2015

I decided to watch CNN's The Seventies rather than watch sexist filth disguised as "compassion" for mentally deranged men or men consumed by sexual fetishes. Sounds like I missed a lot on Dr. Drew Pinsky's show last night, which is a sounding board for some of the most vile, sexist filth in the world, much of it aided and abetted by bimbo women supposedly sporting Ph.D.s who would sell the female sex down the river to defend men in drag.

A man on the panel calls Bob "Zoey" Tur "sir" and a "man" and gets threatened with bodily harm. Not very ladylike, "Zoey":

This exchange proves my point and those of us who have been against transgenderism what it is really about. Tur's outburst merely proved Shapiro's point.

The rest of the panel continued with their propaganda that these mutilated men are somehow women, and to hell with the rights of half of the human race not to be obliterated or ridiculed.

Fun fact: One of Tur's two children from his ex-wife is journalist Katy Tur, who once shacked up with Keith Olbermann. She was reportedly not at all happy her dad "transitioned" or whatever you call it.

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