Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Worst Serial Rapist in the History of the United States

I don't think there is any debate at all about the guilt and twisted perversions of Bill Cosby. The link I provided is to a bunch of legal documents that were ordered unsealed by a judge and are the smoking guns to Cosby's obvious guilt of drugging and raping literally dozens of women.

This man had everything going for him, and he was rightly regarded as a pioneer in television history. I have written about his landmark co-starring role in the mid-1960s "spy-fi" series I Spy. He had everything going for him, and he totally blew it like O.J. Simpson. Somewhere along the line, he got fucked up, either before he was internationally famous or afterwards. I think he was already drugging women before he became famous, but once he started hanging around the likes of close friend Hugh Hefner, his perverted--oh, hell, let's just call it CRIMINAL--behavior accelerated.

I had heard of Cosby's dark side years before the civil case. The stories have been around for many, many decades. They weren't going to be kept secret forever.

Last night Anderson Cooper interviewed one of Cosby's victims, someone who had worked at one of Hefner's Playboy clubs and was a manager. She said there 48 women who have publicly come out and said they were victimized by Cosby. She went on to say she knew of 50 MORE women who had been similarly assaulted or raped by Cosby but have been reluctant to come forward. Of course, still others victimized by Cosby are now dead. Given his m.o., I am sure there were HUNDREDS of victims.

Quaaludes, now illegal in this country, were very popular in the 1960s and 1970s for recreational use. Comedian Freddie Prinze was a heavy user of those drugs. A young woman named Karen Ann Quinlan became internationally famous for having suffered a years-long coma after ingesting Quaaludes and alcohol. Her case was fought for years in the courts.

Cosby used Quaaludes and other drugs as "date rape" drugs.

The big question is whether Cosby's wife, Camille, finally kicks him to the curb and sues his ass off in divorce court.

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