Monday, August 10, 2015

Big Crowd in Portland Yesterday

when senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gave a speech. He drew a crowd of 28,000 people, more than a few I would suspect came from out of the Portland area to see him.

There were no interruptions by ratfuckers like there was in Seattle. Sanders spoke for about an hour.

Portland's Moda Center was filled to capacity of some 20,000 seats. There was an overflow crowd of about 8000.

Sanders decried the political influence of the “billionaire class” and promised a better lot for the working class, including a minimum wage increase, expanded Social Security benefits and free college tuition. His appearance in Portland was live-streamed on his campaign’s Web site.

You can watch it here.

Or you can view it here:

Skip the first hour with a bunch of stupid chit-chat, and you get the actual rally.

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