Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Boarding Schools Should Not Be Allowed To Exist


Any parent who sends a child to a boarding school should be jailed for child abuse. I cannot believe these institutions even exist today and are not outlawed. They are licenses for sexual abuse of students. Unbelievable these things exist despite the tremendous liability involved. There is NO reason for them to exist except for snob appeal. You turn your kid over for other people to RAISE, not just teach the kids but RAISE them--NOT doing your job as a parent--leaving that poor kid vulnerable to being sexually abused by other students and by staff. Not that regular schools can't have those problems, but these idiot parents seem to think that hoity-toity private boarding schools aren't riddled with the same or worse problems than their local public or private schools. Parents don't have the oversight of these schools the way they do in their neighborhood schools, public, private, and charter.

Ban these things. They are anachronisms.

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