Monday, August 10, 2015

For Once, the L.A. Times Is Shocked Teachers Are Treated Like Shit

We who have been teachers know about the farce of administrative hearings, where all kinds of bogus allegations, lies, trumped-up and fabricated evidence know about the McCarthyist tactics of school districts. Teachers have very few protections against school administrators, so they get kicked out of class and sent to "teacher jail" or are put on leave without pay in the hope the teacher takes a piddling severance package.

The Los Angeles Times condemns "teacher jails" all the while it carried the water for the reformist bastards.

Of course the district has a right, and an obligation, to investigate molestation accusations and remove possibly abusive teachers when allegations arise. But as currently practiced, the procedure appears to turn too many easily resolved cases into administrative quagmires. Why not just tell the science teacher that science fair projects shouldn't look like weapons? End of story.

By all means, investigate when necessary. But L.A. Unified should not overreact by removing teachers over allegations that have nothing to do with student safety. The district must put student welfare first, and their welfare is not served by disrupting the school year. It's time for an independent examination by the district's Office of the Inspector General.

Why limit it to L.A.? This goes on all over the country.

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