Saturday, August 29, 2015

Human Rights Violations Should Not Be "Decriminalized," Let Alone Legalized

Prostitution is a human rights violation. Men have NO right to purchase sex. They have no right to traffic in the buying and selling of human beings. Women are human beings, not garbage cans for men to use and discard. There is not one single argument in favor of legalizing it or even decriminalizing it. Not a single one. Zip. Women do NOT choose this; they are forced into it through economic circumstances, so the "consenting adults" "argument' is one big lie. Women who are in this need programs that will get them out of this abuse and into gainful employment. The way to stop this filth is to go after the people who purchase the women and who exploit them, johns and pimps. They need to be arrested and thrown into jail. They need to be shamed for the human filth they are.

Amnesty International STILL doesn't understand the problem with prostitution.

This woman knows what she is talking about:

I entered the sex trade — as most do — before I was even a woman. At age 14, I was placed in the care of the state after my father committed suicide and because my mother suffered from mental illness.

Within a year, I was on the streets with no home, education or job skills. All I had was my body. At 15, I met a young man who thought it would be a good idea for me to prostitute myself. As “fresh meat,” I was a commodity in high demand.

For seven years, I was bought and sold. On the streets, that could be 10 times in a night. It’s hard to describe the full effect of the psychological coercion, and how deeply it eroded my confidence. By my late teens, I was using cocaine to dull the pain.

I cringe when I hear the words “sex work.” Selling my body wasn’t a livelihood. There was no resemblance to ordinary employment in the ritual degradation of strangers’ using my body to satiate their urges. I was doubly exploited — by those who pimped me and those who bought me.

I know there are some advocates who argue that women in prostitution sell sex as consenting adults. But those who do are a relatively privileged minority — primarily white, middle-class, Western women in escort agencies — not remotely representative of the global majority. Their right to sell doesn’t trump my right and others’ not to be sold in a trade that preys on women already marginalized by class and race.

Of course NO woman does this voluntarily if she has other economic options. Having sex with as many as ten a day is NOT a "career choice."

Some men, especially libertarians, are so totally demented and sociopathic they don't see the human suffering at all involved.

Prostitution is in fact on the way out. More than a few countries are using the Scandinavian approach and going after the men who use and exploit women. This is the correct approach.

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