Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Thoughts or Whatever

Today was the first day for me to report for another school year, so blogging will be at different times of the day if I decide to do it that day. I almost didn't today because I went on a hiking trail after coming home from the inservice.

I am hoping this year is the year I get my Oregon K-8 teaching license. Almost in time for me to apply for Social Security benefits. It has taken me years and years to do this because of the lack of money.

Yesterday I was at the local REI sporting goods outfit, and they had a 48 cm carbon fiber Scott women's bicycle on sale for a little over 1k. I wish I could afford it because I would buy it. One of my goals this year is to get both carbon fiber and hybrid bicycles. I am due for a new bike after 28 years with the Pinarello. I am not able to get more than 18.75 hours on a regular district job because of benefits and PERS (though I am PERS eligible), so I may end up doing something else for pay. Of course the school will probably have me do a ton of substitute teaching this year.

I hope to get a regular teaching job next year, but I don't really see there being a true teaching shortage around here. I would actually prefer a part time teaching job, if any of those exist locally.

It appears people love narcissists, if the Trump phenomenon is any indication.

More about the ACLU suing Nevada over those idiot vouchers here.

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