Friday, August 14, 2015

Not That Carly Fiorina Ever Had a Chance Anyway,

but she all but guaranteed she will not have a spot on the GOP ticket.

Vaccines really aren't a big issue with the right--it is the latte liberal types that are more susceptible to the anti-vax crap.

It isn't about parental "choice"--it is about public health.

Carly Fiorina appears to be trying to have it both ways on the vaccine question -- she tells supporters in Iowa that parents should have the final say, and then tells reporters that schools should be able to refuse admission to kids who haven't been vaccinated. But as the story out of Washington shows, decisions to not vaccinate affect far more people in a community than just parents and their kids.

Beyond that, Fiorina's parsing of vaccine-preventable diseases into "highly communicable" and "more esoteric" ones is at odds with considered opinion. With the possible exception of tetanus, every disease in the CDC's recommended schedule of immunizations is communicable between humans, many highly so.

She needs to talk to some polio victims--there are still more than a few left in the world--and those who suffered the effects of rubella or measles.

If libertarians were ever right about anything--just about the only thing they are right about is abortion, and even there the issue isn't absolute--it would be a miracle.

In any case, Fiorina is cooked.

She also bitched about parental leave, another way to guarantee crossover votes in a general election.

She has nothing whatsoever in common with women who don't have glamorous careers--99.99-percent of women--so she is cooked there as well.

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