Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Whatever

There is no such thing as "trans kids" but children who are being used and exploited for political purposes.

No therapist who is ethical can support transgenderism, just as no real feminist can support it, either.

Obituary: Actress Melody Patterson, 66, best remembered for her role in the 60s sitcom F Troop, has died after multiple organ failure.

This announcement was based on a Facebook post by co-star Larry Storch, who has to be around 91 or 92 years old.

Patterson was once married to James MacArthur, son of actress Helen Hayes, who co-starred with Jack Lord on the original Hawaii Five-0 series. She was only 16 years old when she began F Troop, but because star Ken Berry, then in his early thirties, was uncomfortable with the age difference, the "romance" between the two characters was relatively chaste. That made for better comedy effect anyway.

Patterson later concentrated on getting her teaching certificate and teaching drama. She had lived for a number of years in the Reno area.


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