Friday, August 07, 2015

The GOP's First 2016 Presidential Debate--Prime Time and Earlier Debate

Here is the first part with the "bottom" seven candidates:

The main event in two parts:

Part One:

Part Two:

Yes, I did sit through the main debate. Here is the summary of the main debate:

Trump refused to rule out a third-party run. He was under severe attack from the Fox moderators and by the others, but it's hard to sling shit and make it stick on a Teflon candidate.

Christie and Paul nearly came to blows.

Huckabee, Cruz, and Carson sounded batshit crazy. None have a shot at the nomination.

Bush was dull.

Walker, the Koch puppet, is a dangerous s.o.b. Has no shot at the nomination or, if he does, at the presidency.

Rubio did fine even if he is a bit too extreme. He is a bit too young to be elected. He may get the running mate slot.

Kasich is the best of all of the presidential candidates in the GOP. He easily won the debate. He sounded the way the GOP used to sound decades ago before the old Birchers took over and the party went terminally insane. It helped him the debate was held in Kasich's state of Ohio.

Kasich, a veteran Washington pol before becoming governor of Ohio, COULD get elected president. So could Pataki, but I didn't see his performance yet. Because of their electability and their relative honesty compared to somebody like Jeb Bush, they won't get nominated.

What struck me is the very real possibility Trump is a stalking horse for the Democrats to guarantee the GOP doesn't win the White House. It would be a perfect revenge by the Democrats, especially the Clintons, for what Jeb Bush's antics did to Al Gore in 2000. It is also an equal possibility that Trump may be a stalking horse for the GOP for the same reason, to deny Bush the presidency.

I don't believe they want to win the White House next year and then have to be held accountable to their insane supporters to actually carry out the rhetoric they have been spewing for years. That is because the party already has control of the House and the Senate.

They don't WANT the White House.

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