Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Mystery Is Solved

After nearly 90 years of controversy and rumor, it is indeed true that Nan Britton had an affair with President Warren Harding, and that her daughter was indeed fathered by the president.

Chalk if up to DNA and other technology proving it beyond all doubt.

Still, some Harding family members aren't totally onboard:

The testing also found that President Harding had no ancestors from sub-Saharan Africa, answering another question that has intrigued historians. When Harding ran for president in 1920, segregationist opponents claimed he had “black blood.”

Abigail Harding, 72, a retired high school biology teacher in Worthington, Ohio, said the Nan Britton question is resolved. “I have no doubts left,” she said. “When he’s related to me, he’s related to Peter, he’s related to a third cousin — there’s too many nails in the coffin, so to speak. I’m completely convinced.”

Still, other relatives withheld judgment. “I’m not questioning the accuracy of anybody’s tests or anything,” said Dr. Richard Harding, 69, another grandnephew and a child psychiatrist in Columbia, S.C. “But it’s still in my mind still to be proven.” If the tests are valid, he added, he welcomed the new family members. “I hope they’ll find their new place in history is meaningful and productive for them.”

Britton may have been smitten (no rhyme intended) with the president, but his great romance was with Carrie Phillips.

I have posted several posts about the president and his romances.

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