Saturday, August 22, 2015

When Women Get Murdered, It's No Big Deal

They shouldn't have been alone, they shouldn't work night shift, they should have picked better husbands or boyfriends, and so on.

But if it is a man in drag with breast implants, with or without bottom surgery, who gets murdered and mostly because he tried to pull a con on straight men, it is considered a "hate crime" and is worthy of national discussion.

Something is incredibly fucked up here.

Yes, it is tragic these men died, and most of them were prostitutes of color, but these mere 17 killings pale in comparison with the thousands of women and girls who are raped, beaten, starved, and murdered in this country and worldwide.

The handwringing over these men while ignoring the plight of thousands of women and girls just shows how utterly sexist this society is.

Only men count, even men who impersonate women.

Women and girls are totally disposable.

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