Friday, September 04, 2015

Can't Wait For Obama To Leave Office

It has been the longest eight years--okay, six-and-a-half years--of my life to endure the fake Democrat Barack Obama. He is now trying to prove his "liberal" credentials by screwing over older people to pander to a sliver of the population.

How about expanding dental coverage for older Americans instead of pandering to weirdos with mental illnesses or sexual fetishes? Obama, whether he realizes it or not, is undermining women in order to pander to a sliver of people who are screwed up mentally. That is because he is trying to undermine Title IX without the approval of Congress by pandering to these weirdos and throwing half of the human race--women and girls--under the bus so these (mostly) guys can get their freak on, exposing themselves--a crime, by the way--in female-only spaces and committing sexual harassment by definition.

On a somewhat related topic, having watched Bruce Jenner's "reality" show, I can confidently say that within a few years, provided he is still alive, Jenner will contact the likes of detransitioner Walt Heyer and detransition himself. I think he already regrets having butchered his body to satisfy his autogynephilia. It is clear on the show if you pay close attention. Jenner does NOT fit in with his new trans "friends" on the show. He can't relate to them at all. He asks the most basic questions of people like "Candis Cayne" (Brendan McDaniel), and he still has a very hard time grasping it. He is a straight man, and most of these people in his new clique are gay men who have butchered themselves to try and con straight men into thinking they really are women. Of course it is an extremely lonely life for these trans because few men, gay, straight, or bi, would ever have them. It goes without saying women, straight, bi, or lesbian, would not have them, either. Butchering the body does not treat the pain within the person; in fact, it is extremely unethical to treat mental problems with surgery. It is little wonder trans have a very high suicide rate, but that is because they have untreated mental illness to begin with that butchering their bodies does not solve and if anything worsens their depression and other illnesses.

But one can have sympathy for these people battling their own demons without trashing women's rights and giving men the unfettered right to harass and intimidate women and girls. I don't hate people who think they have no way out other than surgical butchery, but I despise people who enable this stuff while silencing the very real concerns of the critics. We also need to have some sane priorities, and Obama is NOT doing this. He is trying to be one of the "kool kids," while not giving a shit whether older people have any kind of dental coverage or whether women have any kind of rights at all to privacy and harassment-free places.

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