Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Hope Vouchers Are Banned In Nevada

Sandoval's scheme is clearly illegal given the requirement in the Nevada constitution that public schools MUST be funded.

More plaintiffs have filed a complaint against Sandoval's handout to the rich.

It is just another subsidy or wealth transfer. The neoliberal assault on public institutions is just vile:

The voucher statute will also provide a windfall to those who can already afford to
send their children to private school. The $5,000 voucher subsidy is not enough to cover the full
tuition at all but a handful of existing private schools in Nevada. Only those families with the
means to make up the significant difference will be able to use the voucher subsidy. Diverting
precious Nevada taxpayer revenues to subsidize private school education for families that can
already afford it is not only inappropriate but is also an unconstitutional use of tax dollars. In
addition, very few of Nevada’s private schools are in the urban core of Nevada’s two largest cities,
accessible to students in those neighborhoods. The voucher statute will consign Nevada’s most
vulnerable and at-risk children to public schools that will have even less funding—isolated by
socioeconomic status, disability and academic need.

They should prevail on making vouchers illegal there.

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