Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Etc.

Bill Cosby will be further raked over the coals in an upcoming television show.

Bruce Jenner's "reality TV" show, the show where they had to audition for transpeople to portray Bruce's newfound "friends," finally ended yesterday. I am too lazy to link to where you can watch the show on the E! website. Poor ex-wife Kris was so humiliated by her Frankensteinian ex-husband, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She wasted 25 years of her life with a LIAR.

The show ended with a "ceremony" commemorating Bruce's change of name, which I refuse to call him by. All of the trans friends of Bruce, plus a gay male choir, plus a trans minister, plus the godawful Candis Cayne singing "Amazing Grace" and couldn't remember the entire song, dressed in white. It was just godawful.

More if you can stand it.

I couldn't.

No surprise the for-profit colleges have the most student loan debt.

Rod/Laverne is no more "beautiful" than any other female impersonator.

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