Saturday, September 12, 2015

News To Make My Blood Boil

Three school board members resigned from the Hillsboro, Missouri, school board simply because they believe boys with sexual fetishes don't belong in female-only spaces.

"I love kids, he's a kid," Harrison said. "Would I stand by and let somebody hurt him? No. But I won't stand by and let him make a donkey out of that school and be in there with a bunch of young girls. That's as asinine as it could get."

Harrison, a retired carpenter, said he sharply disagreed with some school district officials who feared the district would lose government funding if it didn't bow to the wishes of the transgender student.

"Some said we could lose tax money if they didn't give this kid a bathroom and all of that," Harrison said. "I say don't give this kid anything."

I submit the school district would lose money in sexual harassment lawsuits if this creep were allowed in.


California legislators declare war on the old and the disabled by legalizing murder.

"Assisted suicide" becomes the "right" the medical profession to deem you too inconvenient or too expensive to live.

Legislators are IDIOTS.

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