Saturday, September 19, 2015

Not This Stupidity Again

It is always worse when women make excuses for this crap.

Stupid, ignorant article. We need to see far fewer people of both sexes in porn. Porn is a form of human rights abuse. Your dubious "right" to get off does not trump the right of people to NOT be forced into prostitution or semi-prostitution as porn is because of financial pressures. Nobody subjects himself or herself to this abuse willingly. They do it because they need the money. Porn is considered "easy money" despite the abuse their bodies take in this "career." What is depicted in porn is NOT "fantasy" but is reality for those who are in it. Idiot judges and the ACLU stupidly called the consumption of human sexual exploitation "free speech" while not being able to see the larger issue that an entire industry is founded on sexual exploitation. Apparently, you are not able to, either.

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