Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Republican Debate Round 2: Reagan Library

Live streaming is here.

When there are YouTube videos of this and the first round of the bottom four GOP candidates, I will post them here.

Trump is stirring up the shit, as expected. The others are being given more time this time around.

Edit: It finally ended, the second debate, after three hours and fifteen minutes.

Probably Carly Fiorina did better than any of them despite her beliefs being repellent to me. She put Trump in his place, and he was relatively quiet the rest of the time, but I don't think his lackluster performance in a hostile environment (the Reagan Library) with a lot of old-line GOP pols and supporters in the audience is going to hurt him in the polls.

Kasich did well. Paul did surprisingly well. Even Christie had some good shots, although I damned near fell on the floor with laughter when he said he thought the "Adams family" should be on the $10 bill.

I thought to myself, which one? Morticia, Gomez, Cousin It, Lurch?

No more marathon debates after tonight. It was just too much.

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