Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Salon Jumped the Shark Many Years Ago

The articles haven't been the insightful ones of 15 or so years ago, the heyday of the old Table Talk discussion forum. It is a shell of is former self.

The magazine scraped the absolute bottom when yesterday it had a piece by a pervert trying to help people "understand" his perversion by calling pedophilia not a crime, not a perversion, not a form of rape and abuse, but an "orientation." This is just goddamned sick. I don't care if this asshole has acted on his "urges" or not.

This is not a "progressive" or "liberal" issue but an issue that more closely follows the twisted and sick postmodern "philosophy" that thinks anything goes, so this rightwing piece is way off base.

I won't link to the Salon article. Anybody who sympathizes with this perv and posts comments there should have his or her IP addresses tracked by the authorities.

Update: With this and other info floating around about this guy, both Salon and Alternet need to pull the article.

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