Friday, September 18, 2015

Susan Brownmiller Is Of a Different Generation

and nothing is more indicative of that fact than her recent remarks about college rape culture. In her time, it was just assumed rape was there, there was no hope to change men, and that it was up to women to avoid situations where rape could happen. In other words, women were told they should never go out alone, travel alone, eat alone, live alone, or do anything else alone because some boogeyman was going to grab them and rape them.

The fact is victims are not to blame for being victimized. The blame rests SOLELY on the perpetrators.

You want to reduce or eliminate rape? Start raising men to respect women, that women's bodies are not men's to do whatever the hell they want. Restrict access to porn, which is extremely damaging to male-female relationships.

Women have the right to go wherever they want, whenever they want. Men have NO right whatsoever to violate their personal space.

How hard is that to understand, people?

Brownmiller is 80 years old, which is hard to believe.

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