Thursday, September 24, 2015

This Is a Great Idea and Hope It Spreads

D.C. public schools are going to require that all second graders will learn how to ride a bike.

Riding a bike is a great skill, a very liberating skill as one gets older, and it is something one can do for almost his or her entire life, certainly into or well into old age, when many people lose their balance and can't do it anymore (unless they can afford expensive recumbent bicycles or tricycles).

I am all in favor of this.

The bike-riding unit is one of the District’s new “cornerstone” lessons, which aim to bring more uniform and rigorous instruction to students in every part of the city. They are designed to be memorable and relevant learning experiences, said Brian Pick, chief of teaching and learning for D.C. Public Schools.

The unit also reflects efforts across the country to make physical education classes more accessible and useful, with less focus on competitive sports and more attention to healthy lifestyles and fitness habits.

This is important because competitive sports just don't cut it after high school. Most adults will never engage in any team sports. High school or college is typically the end of the line for jocks.

I learned to ride a bicycle in 1963, August in fact. I was eight years old. JFK was president then. My late brother-in-law showed me how to do it. I had a little Columbia bicycle. It was so nice, and I enjoyed riding it. Unfortunately, I was a stupid bitch, for one day a year or two later, I parked the bike in back of my brother-in-law and sister's Oldsmobile, and my brother-in-law backed into it, crushing it to pieces.

I never pulled that shit again. I always look where I park my bike.

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