Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More About the Stupidity and Wrongheadedness of the Death Penalty

Last night the state of Georgia killed its first female convict in 70 years with the execution of Kelly Gissendaner. This despite the pleas from her children to spare her life.

She was convicted of the murder of her husband. Criminals who commit much worse have their lives spared. I guess in this case it is because she chose to go to trial rather than get a plea deal.

Those who called for Gissendaner’s sentence to be commuted to life in prison argued that she had turned her life around in prison, earning a theology degree in 2011 and counseling other prisoners on gaining education and preparing for life outside prison.

But the concept of prison serving as a place of rehabilitation—where individuals can develop new skills and contribute to society after committing crimes—is alien to the parole board and state prosecutors who were intent on meting out the ultimate penalty to Gissendaner.

In other words, the righteous parole board was just as guilty of murder as Gissendaner.

Time to ditch this crap death penalty.


Heather Travis said...

Sorry off topic but....

Do you still have pix from the 1994 performance of the World Famous Lipizzaners ? I own the Bay Arabian that was featured in the show, he turned 33 this year and I am collecting as many photos & videos of him that I can find for a tribute... I would be ETERNALLY grateful if you do and are willing to share :D
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OTE admin said...

You know, Heather, I probably do, but I think it is the case of where it is in my storage unit and it is impossible to get at this time. I put most of my photo albums in storage when I moved from Reno to Medford. If I had them easily available, I would get these for you. Sadly, I don't.

Heather Travis said...

That's Ok, Thanks so much for the reply anyway :D