Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday News

As should be obvious to anybody with a functioning brain, there is no such thing as a "virtuous pedophile."

The Salon piece is without a doubt one of the most revolting that has ever been published.

Obituary: Musician Ben Cauley, 67, the sole survivor of the plane crash that killed soul singer Otis Redding, has died.

He helped found he backing band the Bar Keys.

Good news indeed as eBook sales are declining.

EBooks are convenient for travel, as long as you keep the battery charged, but they are still inferior to a real book.

Plus you own a physical book. EBooks are basically rentals.

A Sparks, Nevada, murder-suicide made national headlines when two of the victims were well-known "paranormal investigators," whatever the hell that is.

I don't watch that particular television program, so I had never heard of the Constantinos.

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