Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Finally Some Sanity

Good news for women and children here.

Why anybody thinks opening up female-only spaces to men is a good idea is beyond me.

This isn't remotely on the level with race-based drinking fountains. There is a real, compelling public interest in having sex-segregated places like restrooms and locker rooms.

"Gender identity," which doesn't exist, by the way, is not an argument to overrule safety issues.

It has to do with the fact men can rape. Most don't, but too many do, and there is a subculture of men who get off with perversions of either viewing women and girls in these spaces in various states of undress or filming them.

Any outfit that would even consider opening these facilities up to men claiming to be trans is asking to be sued into the ground.

Following complaints from the public, Bob Ecklund, President and CEO of the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap county, issued a statement Oct. 5 saying the organization is modifying the policy for transgender individuals in locker rooms and restrooms in "family facilities." Ecklund said the change was to ensure youth are not exposed to the opposite sex in their locker room.

Ecklund said the new policy states that "transgender members in transition will use private locker rooms for dressing and showering. Transgender members may use standalone restrooms that align with their gender identification." The change applies to: Gordon Family YMCA, Mel Korum Family YMCA, Lakewood Family YMCA, Morgan Family YMCA, Tom Taylor Family YMCA, Bremerton Family YMCA, Haselwood Family YMCA.

There is no way to keep the pervs out if there were not sex-segregated facilities.

If the trans don't like it, too bad. Don't ask everybody else to support your delusions or sexual kinks.

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