Tuesday, October 13, 2015

First Democratic Presidential Debate

The live stream from Las Vegas is right here.

If and when the video comes up on YouTube, I will post it here on the blog.

The big question is whether VP Joe Biden will throw his hat into the ring.

My thoughts: Sanders did okay although he was a bit cranky. Hillary Clinton held her own, like she always does in these debates, and because of that, she was the clear winner in the eyes of the media.

Nobody seriously believes Sanders will be the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. He is there to help frame the debate and issues for Democrats.

The real dark horse is O'Malley, who gave a credible performance and great closing statement although I believe HRC is probably unbeatable to get the nomination, assuming Biden doesn't step in. I fully expect her to be elected the next president.

Chafee and Webb were non-factors, with Chafee prone to making gaffes ala Biden. Must be something common among Atlantic seaboard politicians.

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