Saturday, October 24, 2015

I Hope Germaine Greer Speaks

According to the New York Times, Cardiff University, the institution that has come under fire for inviting famed feminist writer and academic Germaine Greer to speak, has rejected the birdbrained SJWs of the campus who want to silence her because she says that men in dresses can't be women.

Last I looked at the petition in support of Germaine Greer, there were 1500 supporters, about the same as the one by those who are trying to silence her. However, the former petition has been online only about one day.

Enough is enough with the transgender bullshit. Many, many women know it is a bunch of crap, but they are afraid to speak up.

Germaine Greer will NEVER back down. I hope she will appear even though she said in the interview with the BBC she was getting tired of being attacked. Greer is 76 years old.

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