Friday, October 23, 2015

It Is a Messed Up World Indeed

when a man in drag is celebrated as a "woman of the year" while a woman who merely says the truth such men in drag are men is censored.

The postmodern movement is degenerate and crazy, and the attempted censoring of longtime feminist and writer Germaine Greer is proof.

Today's so-called feminists who think that men in dresses are women are not feminists; instead, they are chickenshits trying to curry favor with men.

The author is right wing in beliefs, but he is correct here:

But to the self-styled guardians of morality on increasingly loopy campuses, any criticism of transgenderism is tantamount to blasphemy. Alarmingly, Cardiff’s feminist students are running the campaign to shut Greer down. The petition for her lecture to be cancelled was started by the student union women’s officer, who says Greer’s views have ‘no place in feminism’. What a spoilt, ungrateful generation, hilariously unaware that their very ability to speak their minds and rouse some rabble is down to decades of intellectual and social agitation by people like Greer. She helped give them a voice; they try to silence hers.

Transgenderism is one of the most sexist concepts ever to come down the pike.

Greer has been involved in feminism long before these protesters were even born. People cannot support women's rights and at the same time support some batshit crazy movement of mostly sexual fetishists that seek to obliterate women's rights.

Petition in support of Germaine Greer's right to speak is here.


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