Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Etc.

A slacker because he doesn't like being a US senator has the nerve he thinks he could even do the job of president of the United States.

This should spell the end of Marco Rubio's presidential "ambitions."

So why is it so, so important that women "look younger"? Oh, yes, I forgot: It is because men don't like to look at women who look "their age." Women do all of these stupid contortion acts in order to get male "love" and approval. Women lie about it, of course. They will say they do it for "themselves," and men lie their asses off and say women don't dress and wear makeup for men but for other women. Everybody knows the truth, however. Women aren't allowed to age in our sexist, ageist society.

Men, however, can and do look like shit once they pass the age of 40. Very few of them look very good. Once they hit over the age of 60--if they live that long--these men almost always look like they are going to die. It is something to look at the online dating sites for men 60 and older. Many, though not all, of these guys demand women look like fashion models and even require women who are far, far younger, while these men look like they are physically sick. Married men don't look much better if they survive into their sixties. A lifetime of physical labor finally takes a toll on their bodies.

Since men still control societies, they feel they don't have to do a thing to improve their looks and stay healthy, but they demand women still look 20 so they can remain "fuckable."

God, I hate this culture sometimes.

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