Wednesday, October 14, 2015

News for Wednesday

Good for that school district not to fall for that crossdressing "rights" bullshit.

A sexual harasser of college students still is allowed to keep his job.

No doubt it was all about the money.

His wife, also a college professor, stood by this creep.


The letter mentioned is here:

Mr. Overbye has a serious conflict of interest in reporting this story as Overbye has a longterm collegial relationship with Marcy and has championed Marcy's work in previous NY Times articles ( Overbye's bias is evident when Overbye refers to this situation as "Dr. Marcy's troubles" and when devoting three paragraphs at the top of the story on Marcy's wife's opinions of the crimes.

Moreover, Overbye omits several relevant details of the case. Specifically, the investigation found Marcy violated sexual harassment policies over a decade (2001-2010), a fact never mentioned in this article. Overbye also failed to capture the gravity of the crimes. For example, one complainant said, "Marcy placed his hand on her leg, slid his hand up her thigh, and grabbed her crotch” ( In another instance, Marcy was observed "giving an undergraduate a back massage, with his hand underneath her shirt, alone and after hours in the lab." In omitting this information and focusing on Marcy and his wife's feelings, Overbye fosters sympathy for a sexual predator and exacerbates the culture which allowed him to prey on unsuspecting students.

Should have been fired on the spot. However, the letter from many scientists must have forced his hand, for he resigned today.

Famed astronomer Geoffrey Marcy resigned Wednesday from his $217,600 faculty job at UC Berkeley after an investigation found that he violated the university’s sexual harassment policy, campus officials confirmed. Pressure had been growing across the country for Cal to fire Marcy, who gained fame as a “planet hunter” by discovering hundreds of worlds outside this solar system.

“We recognize and share the frustration that many have expressed,” said a joint statement from UC Berkeley Chancellor Nick Dirks and Provost Claude Steele in which they called Marcy’s conduct “contemptible and inexcusable.”

A campus investigation had quietly determined in June that Marcy had sexually harassed female students during a nearly 10-year period.

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