Thursday, October 15, 2015

No Other College Will Hire Him

that is if any of them have an ounce of brains. The Marcy case just goes to show that "tenure" on the college level (it doesn't exist in K-12) is not a license to be a sexual harassing asshole.

It doesn't matter how prestigious you are or how much the college likes the money you bring in.

The article is a few days old, and Marcy pulled the plug on his college career.

This idiot thought that because he had "tenure" that meant he could never be fired or be vulnerable to being fired. While college professors have much more job security than say public school teachers, who have NO real job protections, it isn't ironclad. Once you cross that line, and this idiot did, it's over. The college tried to protect him because he brought in so much money, but the outrage by his colleagues in the field forced him out. I do not see any other college hiring him. He can write books and do other things.

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