Friday, October 30, 2015

Nothing New Under the Sun

The "left" has always been more sexist than the right. They are just more clever at disguising their hatred for women.

It was the abusive treatment by men on the left which helped precipitate the women's movement in the late 1960s-early 1970s. It was in part an outgrowth of the so-called "sexual revolution" that, far from helping women, made for even more easy sexual access and abuse from men. These guys haven't changed at all over the years. They tried to kick out feminists--real ones--over pornography and prostitution by claiming they were "prudes" and "antisex," but they haven't been completely successful because the harms of both are impossible to ignore. It is impossible to ignore human rights abuses.

The problem is with the notion of "social libertarianism" which too many on the "left" support. "Libertarianism" is a fraud, no matter if it is in the realm of the social sphere or in economics. Actions have consequences.

Now on the ropes, the "left" is trying desperately to silence women, especially feminists, over the bogus issue of "transgenderism," which seeks to annihilate the rights of half of the human race. Since women number literally in the billions of people, not to mention the billions of men who also oppose this garbage of crossdressing as "gender identity," this will also be a lost cause for the "left."

What this writer says, and it is accurate, is that the "left" is trying to use this as a "wedge" issue" to silence women:

Transgenderism bastardises the core feminist insight that "woman" is a politically defined social category generated by male violence and the exclusion, expropriation and colonisation of female human beings. Rendered as a Leftist wedge issue, this insight becomes the distorted proposition that "woman" is a flexible human "identity" with which any individual might associate themselves - even fully-grown rational male human beings.

Rather than being a designator of subordinated social class membership, "woman" is a feeling that can swell in any man's breast. Acting on this feeling, he might adopt sex-stereotyped clothing and behaviours, and others must hold these caricatured displays in high regard. Female pronouns must be used, and laws and policies must be changed to newly recognise women, not as an historically vulnerable social group, but as the product of an individual man's inner thoughts and feelings.

The Leftist purge of women who refuse publicly to declare allegiance to such ideas of transgenderism is proceeding apace. It takes the form of the "no-platforming" of feminists at speaking events, the petitioning of conference venues to drop bookings from feminist groups, the public harassment and ridicule of dissenters, and lobbying for women to be removed from jobs and positions of public profile.

They will try to purge women, but the health risks will come out, the lawsuits against doctors, drug companies, and parents will accelerate, and transgenderism too will be seen as the human rights abuse that it really is.

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