Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday Etc.

Masturbating transvestite is allowed to practice his kink on school grounds and at school events. Shame on that school for allowing it.

Obituary: Actor Al Molinaro, 96, of Happy Days fame, has died.

A native of Kenosha, Wisconsin – just 40 miles from the "Happy Days" setting of Milwaukee – Molinaro was born June 24, 1919. He moved to California in the 1950s but didn't begin working as an actor for years. It was 1969 when he had his first role, a guest spot on TV's "Get Smart."

The following year, Molinaro took on his first major role, playing Murray the Cop on TV's "The Odd Couple." The supporting character appeared in many of the episodes throughout the series' entire five-season run, and the role put Molinaro in the spotlight for his next project, "Happy Days."

You can thank that Kotlikoff bestselling book about Social Security for the closing by Congress of the "file and suspend" strategy:

The agreement actually extends the rules for deemed application, making it no longer possible to file a restricted application for just spousal benefits. In addition, by also extending the “suspension” rules that stipulate that suspending an individual’s benefits also suspends any benefits to other people based on the same earnings record, Congress will negate the various “File and Suspend” strategies that permit spousal and dependent benefits to be paid while the primary earner still receives delayed retirement credits.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of this new Social Security crackdown, though, is the effective date. While the new limits to Restricted Application will not apply to anyone who is already age 62 or older in 2015, the new crackdown may suspend current spousal or dependent benefits in 6 months for those who are only receiving those benefits thanks to File-and-Suspend! In other words, those who already engaged in the File-and-Suspend strategy may find it terminated mid-stream, and no benefits will be payable until the individual who suspended chooses to reinstate benefits (either to restart them now, or finish waiting until age 70).


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