Friday, October 30, 2015

Somebody In the LGB Community Screwed the Pooch--Figuratively, Not Literally

when the writer seemingly--or, more accurately, unseemingly--came out in support of sexual abuse of underage youth.

It is bad enough when the community added the degenerate "ts" to the mix, but a few too many have gone way, way, way overboard.

Certainly, in this current age where sex abuse is seen everywhere, where all sex between a teenager and an older person is labeled pejoratively as “pedophilia,” and where sex-offender registries, civil confinement and other so-called protection tools of the state proliferate, sexual liberation and sex affirming communities are on the run. Although the onset of AIDS clearly put an exclamation point on the emergence of a virulently sex-negative antidote to the liberation of the late 60s and early 70s, some place the beginning of the backlash to the alliance of some radical feminist with the right-wing anti-pornography movement churning in the mid-70s. Certainty the state has taken advantage of all opportunities to insert itself into matters of private sexual conduct and this oppressive trend keeps growing. The new buzzwords are sex trafficking and campus sexual assaults, but it is the same anti-sex narrative that allows the coercive arm of the state to intrude with devastating consequences

The hatred toward women is only one part of this disturbing piece. When you don't have an argument for being degenerate, you accuse the opposition of being "prudes," of being "right-wing," of being "anti-sex." Never mind the reality of abuse.

Don't worry, though. This idiot is being called to task for this horrendous piece.

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