Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tell the Truth About the Trans, and You Get Shouted Down

The "gender identity" movement, at bottom meaning the dubious right to crossdress in public, has turned into nothing more than a cult, complete with mind control.

The fact is the vast majority of the world agrees with Germaine Greer. They agree with her because there are certain things in the world that are not up for debate, that are not a matter of "opinion." Men cannot be women Sex is indeed binary and immutable. Transgenderism is incompatible with women's rights and is therefore institutionalized sexism. Feminists, indeed sane people, cannot support this postmodernist bullshit that is transgenderism, especially if people realize what these mostly men are really about.

"Cocks in frocks" need to stay out of women's spaces and institutions like women's sports. Keep your crossdressing at home and stop subjecting the rest of the world to your sexual kink.

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