Friday, October 16, 2015

The Obama Administration and the ACLU Need to Reread Title IX

It has nothing to do with the "rights" of crossdressers to shit all over women.

Federal officials and the ACLU need to understand transvestites are not protected under Title IX--it refers solely to sex--biological differences between men and women. There is no such thing as "transgender" or "gender identity." What you have here are about three types of people who have the following psychiatric problems that are not being treated psychiatrically and are being forced on the rest of us to support their delusions or sexual kinks as normal:

1. A very few people these days who have body dysmorphia similar to those people who want to hack their body parts off because they loathe them.

2. A larger group of people--these days mostly women "transitioning" to men--who are victims of homophobic parents, ignorant parents, or parents who have Munchausen's who are being pressured to go through sterilization and surgical mutilation because they don't conform to a prescribed sex role. Transgenderism is in a real sense institutionalized homophobia.

3. By the far the largest group are almost all straight men who are what used to be called transvestites, and which the term should be brought back. These are men like Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner who literally get off sexually by imitating women and get sexually aroused by themselves impersonating women. It is a masturbatory fantasy with these guys. These are the men who are conning politicians like Obama and outfits like the ACLU that they have the right to perv on women and girls by infiltrating their spaces and basically annihilate the legal protections of half of the human race. Almost all of these men--about 85-90 percent--are fully intact males capable of violence toward women and girls. There is a reason why restrooms, locker rooms, and other spaces segregated by sex exist. It is because men can rape and sexually harass women. Women and girls have the right to go to the bathroom and shower and all of the rest without fear of being raped and perved upon. There is NO way to be able to distinguish between the "good" trans and the perverts, and NONE of these men EVER pass.

Stay the hell out of our spaces, men. You don't belong there, you delusions or sexual kinks notwithstanding.

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