Sunday, October 11, 2015

The "Right" To Perv On Women and Girls

Yet another lamebrained editorial that ignores the real issues of this while listening to those whining they will commit suicide unless they can get access to spaces reserved for females.

How about understanding the REASON sex-segregated restrooms and other facilities exist in the first place? Hint: It has nothing to do with "prudery" and EVERYTHING to do with the right of women and girls to be safe in spaces where they are vulnerable and to exercise their rights in the world outside of the home. It has to do with the fact males are violent towards females. Not all of them, but there is no way for women and girls to know which men are violent, perverted, or abusive, and which ones aren't. Trans are not women--note that few females claiming to be men will use men's facilities, and for good reason. The trans are not a true protected class despite stupid or ignorant politicians who are unaware of what transgenderism is about. Mostly they are made up of either screwed-up kids made that way by homophobic parents or have been brainwashed by chat rooms like Reddit to think they are the opposite sex (which they cannot be) or else they are cross-dressers--transvestites like Bruce Jenner--who are trying to push the boundaries as far as they can to enable their masturbation fantasies of wearing women's clothing. Remember, virtually all of these guys are not what used to be called transsexuals--they are fully infact men capable of rape and other types of sexual violence and perversions. Those who are transsexuals are no less men capable of violence towards women. Support abolishing sex-segregegated restrooms, and you support violence against women and girls. It is that simple.

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