Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Stuff

Sounds like these "experts" at the World Health Organization have a crackpot vegan or vegetarian agenda.

I will go right on eating what I have always eaten. Fuck those unscientific idiots.

According to a footnote way at the end of this column, Greer is scheduled to speak at Cardiff University next month. Nothing has changed.

I wish the documents were available online, but they are not from the Second Judicial District Court in Nevada. Today was the day that a former principal of the school district was to have her hearing. If you can make heads or tails out of what happened, lots of luck.

It says there were "oral arguments" this afternoon.

She was fighting her dismissal from the district, or, more likely, trying to wrangle a big settlement from WCSD.

Like I said, I wish the documentation was for public consumption.

WCSD disputes the findings regarding a bullying case--again.

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Bob said...

I strongly agree, Susie.