Friday, October 02, 2015

Washoe County School District In Hot Water--Again

I haven't written much anymore about the old district now that I am working again, albeit not in exactly what I want, so I have gradually decreased comments on it, but sometimes it is like a train wreck. I just can't look away and ignore it.

Apparently, there is a law in the state where parents who believe their children have been bullied at their schools can petition the state to get involved if the school districts do not do enough to stop or prevent bullying.

This is kind of embarrassing to WCSD, to say the least.

This should be noted:

The State just finished its investigation of this case and made these findings:
1) The bullying claims made by Malibu and her family were true.
2) The Washoe County School District did not conclude its investigation within a 10-day parameter.
3) A Washoe County School District investigator started investigating the complaint.
4) That District investigator determined the bullying claims were substantiated.
5) That initial investigator was pulled off the case, and the investigation was put under the control of another District employee.
6) That change in investigators resulted in an about face. The new investigator determined the claims were not substantiated. No explanation was provided. The state said that subsequent investigation did not include sufficient evidence showing why the determination that bullying had occurred was later reversed.
7) Multiple individuals confirmed the allegations of bullying made by the Robertsons.
8) A second student quit the cheerleading team with an allegation of bullying/harassment from the same coach.
9) Because the district took longer than the 10-day parameter that is legislated, the state said it cannot admonish or suggest disciplinary action for the cheer squad coach.

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