Thursday, November 05, 2015

A Lame Editorial

This is a lame editorial. It is predictable that the NYT would blame "right wingers" for the deserved defeat of this ordinance. However, opposition to transgenderism and their phony "gender identity," which is code for the dubious right to crossdress and get a sexual kink in public places, is entirely nonpartisan. If you know anything at all about this issue, you would know the most vocal opposition to it comes from feminists and the LGB community. That is because they see the trans for what they are. The transgender "rights" movement is the only social movement that seeks to obliterate the rights of other protected classes including children, LGBs, and especially women. They are all about pushing boundaries of what is acceptable in order to satisfy what for the vast majority of the male crossdressers is a sexual compulsion. These people need ethical psychiatric help--not get help from a federal government, for example, that has no understanding of what Title IX and women's rights are--for what amounts to a sexual addiction for the vast majority of transgenders. The transgenders and their enablers cannot win this battle, and they know it.

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